Join the Circularity Program & Make Sustainable Impact

Help us become a fully circular clothing brand at GOFRANCK by participating in our Circularity Program. Let’s ensure that every GOFRANCK jacket avoids landfills and gets a meaningful second life. When you're finished with your jacket, simply hand it in and receive a store credit. By restoring, reusing, or recycling the garment, you'll bring us closer to our circularity goal while reducing waste. It's a win-win for you and the environment!

To join the Circularity Program, register your GOFRANCK jacket below. After 5 years, when it's time to part ways with your jacket, you'll receive a 30% discount on our webshop, where you can find your next favorite Outerproof. Hand in your GOFRANCK after 10 years, and enjoy an even bigger discount of 50% off! Join the program today and be part of the positive change we're creating together.