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What you buy matters, and what we make too. It’s our responsibility as a brand to work towards a sustainable future. From design, material sourcing, production and logistics. Even the smallest steps make a difference. The coming years are fundamental in making a turn around for a liveable planet. Our goal is to become climate positive, and we’ll be frank about it, we’re not there yet. That’s why we have strong goals for the future and have made steps towards getting there. Follow our journey!



Let’s close the loop and make sure that our items don’t end up in landfills. A report by the European Commission’s Institute for Prospective Technologi- cal Studies (IPTS) discloses that more than half of what we buy ends up in landfills. Which is devasting for the environment.

We can do better than this right?

That’s why we came up with the RECYCLE YOUR JACKET plan to make sure that your GOFRANCK will get a right place when you have out worn it.


Hand in your pre-loved GOFRANCK for store credit for the new collection:

5 YEARS: 30% discount
10 YEARS: 50% discount

Scan this icon
in your GOFRANCK with your phone to apply now and benefit from more fun stuff and extra details about your garment and how to take care of it to make it last.



Let’s close the loop and make sure that our items don’t end up in landfills. Shamefully this is where more than half of our clothes end up, which is devastating for the environment. A big problem is that we have lost connection with our stuff. Instead of investing in good items that will last, it’s easy to fall for the fast fashion trap where you can buy endlessly and discard seasonally. We can do much better than this right?

That’s why we set up THE 5 YEAR CIRCULARITY PLAN to ensure that your GOFRANCK will get a right place or be partially recycled when you have out worn it. We also want to motivate our consumers to hold on to their garments longer. It’s a small but decisive step towards slow fashion.

As from season AW21 each garment features Tappr© NFC technology. By tapping the scan item on the inside of the garment with your smart phone you can register your GOFRANCK, making it eligible for lifetime warranty, extra service and to become part of THE 5 YEAR CIRCULARITY PLAN. After 5 years you can hand in your pre-loved GOFRANCK and get 30% discount on the new collection.


Choosing sustainable materials and finishes for our garments is elemental in each design. Each GOFRANCK is animal-free and made with high performance, toxin-free materials + trims that are built to last.

Our padded styles have Sorona® fibre filling by DuPontTM, a plant-based insulation with high performance qualities. This biodegradable filling gives tremendous warmth, is animal (cruelty) free, moisture wicking, washable and stays in shape.

BIONIC FINISH ECO WATER REPELLENT FINISH Our materials are enhanced with a non-halogenated,APEO-free and fluorine-free water repellent textile finishing agent for ultimate performance. Future steps are to use an ecological waterproof coating next to this, but we haven’t found one that meet’s our waterproofing standards as of yet.

By only choosing high quality materials we can ensure that your GOFRANCK will stand the test of time and won’t end up in the land fill. There are so many animal-free alternatives for outerwear that there just isn’t any need to use them in our designs.


Fusing form and function in our outerwear pieces is at the core of each design. All GOFRANCKS are made with purpose in mind and carefully designed to:

Be multi-functional & take on the weather throughout the year
Have sustainable features where possible
Portray personal style whilst staying timeless
And are built to last so you can enjoy your coat for years

All-round OUTERPROOFS ensure that:the forecast won’t compromise your style you get more out of one item and end up buying and throwing away less.


Choosing wisely how to transport the collection is a big step in becoming more sustainable. The supply chain is now delivered by boat and train instead or air freight. Each GOFRANCK is shipped in a biodegradable polybag and has fully recycled hangtags. There is still more to be done though. We are currently in conversations to find out the greenest domestic shipment service, but as this is not handled by one courier service when travelling through multiple countries it has proven logistically impossible as of yet. Work in progress!

“Let’s be frank, we can do much better than this”


Being frank about what we can do better gives us motivation to keep trying harder and finding more creative solutions. We started with 9 clear steps that we wanted to realize. Some steps were easy to im- plement, other a challenge but attainable, and a few still in progress or not yet pos- sible. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have our goals set to get there one day.

Hereby a list of things still to achieve:


Shipping for our supply chain is now done by boat and train. Yet domestic shipping can still be improved. Big cities are starting to offer fossil fuel free delivery services but prove hard to run internationally. This is a project that is still in pro- cess and we will update as soon as we have found a perfect match!


A big goal is to be able to use recycled yarn for our jackets, due to quota minima’s we are as of yet still too small to apply for this. But with each collection we grow and thus plan to implement this in 2022. Another important future step is replacing our fluorine free waterproof coating for a bio-based component and use natural dyes. There are already coatings and natural yes available yet not as strong as what GOFRANCK stands for, losing effectiveness for an outer- wear piece that needs to weather the storm.


Coats can now be registered by signing them up through our NFC platform and contact form here. These coats are eli- gible for extra warranty and more perks and personalised information about your GOFRANCK. Pre-loved GOFRANCKS are now donated to charity. But the goal is to be able to partially/ or fully be able to recycle them for future collections.