Every story has a beginning… This is ours. Follow our mission towards making the best fresh + technical waterproof outerwear out there. Our goal is to become sustainable, step-by-step.
GOFRANCK OUTERPROOFS is an Amsterdam based brand specialized in waterproof outerwear. GOFRANCK, meaning honest, is the foundation of who we are. We want to become sustainable and have made it there with some of our materials and biodegradable insulation. By only working with certified suppliers we can guarantee that all the people involved in making our outerwear work in safe conditions, get fair pay and work normal hours. Choosing conscious means not looking away, controlling that conditions are upheld with annual reports and knowing that what you buy really matters. But there’s more work to be done, which we want to share with you along the way.
Each GOFRANCK is designed to take the weather, as we are surrounded by it the moment we step out the door. Our philosophy is that technical details and waterproof garments don’t have to compromise style. On the contrary, with this fusion you will never be caught out in the storm. With smart design we can get more out of our outerwear and end up buying less.